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Montana Casting Co. Fly Fishing Reels

Collection: Montana Casting Co.® Fly Fishing Reels

Smooth, Light, and Built to Last...

We feel confident saying that our fly fishing reels are some of the best on the market. Each model features an effortless disc drag system and can be paired with any of our rods—perfect for discerning fishermen and beginners alike. Designed by husband-wife duo Scott and Cat Joyner and tested rigorously on Montana waters, these reels are made for hard fishing and fishing hard.

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Reels That Keep You in Control

A good reel keeps you in control when that monster fish starts to run. Rather than free spooling, our reels utilize a smooth disc drag system that offers a fluid feel and helps prevent backlash. Our reels also come in eco-friendly packaging and are designed to be quickly changed from left to right-handed retrieve. For instructions on how to do so, or a tutorial on spooling your rod, visit our FAQs or see the How To's on each reel product page.

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Montana to the Core

406 means Montana. With just over a million people calling the Big Sky state home, Montana remains one of only 12 states to keep a single area code. The 4th largest state in the nation, Montana is just over 147,000 square miles and boasts a total of 42,000 square miles of public land. We are proud of our wide-open range and rugged wilderness. Designed, tested, and perfected on Montana waters, these reels are an homage to those wild places that inspired our love of fly fishing.

"This thing is virtually indestructible!"

It's got a nice way to adjust the drag for casting...for if you hook into a really big fish and you need some extra help reeling it in.

–Bridger K., Missoula, Montana
Review of Montana Casting Co. Elite 406 Fly Fishing Reel

"Go Get Yourself One!"

“It’s great for backpacking – it really is super light. I love it, can’t say enough good things about it. Go get yourself one!”

–Matt B., North Logan, Utah
Montana Casting Co. Lite 406 Fly Fishing Reel Testimonial

Inspiration in Learning to Fly Fish!

“I have been using this for a couple of months now, and it has truly just changed how I fly fish… I have more confidence in my casting; I have more control in my casting… It’s been absolutely wonderful!”

–Andrea, Missoula, Montana
Montana Casting Co. Envy 406 Reel Testimonial